To meet Life/Safety requirements closer/holder/release devices were developed which hold doors open during normal conditions to facilitate the free flow of traffic, yet close immediately in the event of an emergency.

 In general, smoke and the spread of toxic gases is the killer. Rarely is fire the reason for the loss of lives. Closed doors prevent the spread of these killing gases and create compartmentalized safe areas for humans. The following products are supplied to address Life/Safety applications.


  •  Flush Doors to 90 minutes
  •  Molded panel Doors to 60 minutes 
  •  Stile & Rail Doors to 90 minutes 
  •  Specialty Doors, rated
  •  Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer, rated
  • Hollow Metal Doors, and Frames
 Black Mt.
  •   Spring Hinges
  •   Continuous Hinges
  •   Closer/Holder/Release Devices 
  •   Magnets - Floor & Wall
  •   Fire Rated Exit Devices 
  •  Latches , Locks 
  •  Flush Bolts 
  •  Delayed Egress Exit Devices 
  •   Delayed Egress Magnets 
  •   Gasketing, Intumescent 
 National Guard Products


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